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An International brewery festival at The White Hag

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While the The White Hag team is prepping the brewery in Ballymote, six of Sligo town’s finest bars are getting ready to welcome everyone off of the specially booked HAGSTRAVAGANZA train for the afterparty. Each of the six bars will be tapping up one of the participating breweries, so even those who can’t make their way out to Ballymote can still get a taste of the Hagstravaganza experience from these fine establishments. 

Our food crawl partners are all prepped for breakfast/lunch.brunch or whatever it is you’re having on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Thomas Connolly

Having been a pub here since 1780, Thomas Connolly’s came about during a time of  plentiful maritime trade; deliveries of rope, linen and tea came into Sligo on ships from Europe. There was once a grocer’s shop at one end of the pub – popular for making sugar, selling tea and bottling whiskey. These days, it’s best known for a warm welcome, a famous pint of stout, regular live music and relaxing atmosphere.

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The Swagman

With 15 draught lines, 110 unique bottles and cans, the Swagman knows what they are at with Craft Beers. ‘The Swag’ was the forerunner in craft scene in Sligo and the best spot to go to for good food, great local beer and a dabble in Irish whiskeys. With live music weekly and Sligo’s biggest beer garden, it’s a must visit bar. Expect to see 15+ lines of White Hag, and some of your favourite big UK and US beers.

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Shoot the Crows

Having been around for nearly 150 years, Shoot the Crows is a place of antiquity with it’s many trinkets and artefacts. The pub welcomes its visitors with a large painted window display which often changes to depict elements of celtic artwork. This narrow pub is lively, with regular music sessions from Irish traditional, gypsy jazz, rock, and bluegrass. While enjoying the entertainment you can also find a fine selection of drinks from craft beer to whiskey, and more.

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Mc Lynns Bar

Founded in 1889 by Daniel McLynn, the current owner Daragh is the fourth generation of the McLynn family to run the business (his brother Donal works with one of our export partners!). The bar is situated on Old Market Street. Once there you will find the “small bar” that has not changed much since 1889, the “kitchen” which was in fact the old grocery shop, and a beer garden which captures the afternoon sun. These guys will have a few festival beers on tap. 

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Set within a warm and friendly 1970/1980’setting, Lillies tends to attract a trendy crowd. Ranging from award winning crafted cocktails, premium international gin serves and delicious craft beers, they have a whopper drinks selection. Their Retro TV Guide menu inspires you to relive Ireland’s historic moments on old school tellies. Always has fresh little fawn on tap, will have a few specials on for the weekend.

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Hargadon Bros

Good Pubs & fine Whiskey are what mature over the years. Established in 1868, Hargadon Bros is a distillation of panelled snugs, stone floors, clay jugs and bottled alcoves. Flawlessly preserved in a honeyed afternoon light, Hargadon Bros is a local institution, as constant as their name for the perfect pint, reputation for good conversation, and great locally produced and sourced food and drinks. Will have 5 or 6 great Irish beers on for the weekend.

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One of the most lauded food joints in Sligo over recent years, the menu at Knox is short and pretty straightforward – own Knox House Blend coffee, daily juice squeezed by their own fair hands, baked breakfast goods along with a simple breakfast menu up to 11.30am. They also have a great weekend brunch menu available, from fresh inventive soups and sandwiches, healthy salads to our signature burgers. It’s a must visit.

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Lyon’s Cafe

Lyons Café and Bakeshop on Quay St, in the centre of Sligo town, is run by food author and renowned chef Gary Stafford. Doing the simple things really fantastically, as well as bringing real innovation to cooking (they use Puca lemon in one of the breads!) this place is packed all week long. Get in for a huge breakfast on Saturday morning if you need to line the belly!

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Sweet Beat

Opened in April 2015 in the heart of Sligo town, this Bridge Street café provides plant-based, vegan-friendly food including fresh super salads, cold pressed juices, probiotic drinks, and living, nourishing food. They prepare their food, fresh, from scratch, every morning in a super busy kitchen, sourcing only the best quality ingredients from local growers and suppliers. Does your heart good, and has epic coffee. Also, see their brand new sister diner ‘Sweet as’ just 2 minutes away.

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WB Cafe

WB’s is a hidden gem in the heart of sligo serving light breakfast, lunch, home made cakes, scones and a selection of organic tea and freshly ground coffee. Not just a cafe but a library, Art gallery and gift shop, they also have the Sligo Oyster experience as a store in store. The WB’s mural is a must see!!

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