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Celebrate our 4th Birthday with An International brewery festival at The White Hag

28th July 2018

Featuring only beers that have never poured in Ireland

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What is Hagstravaganza?

Since we started the brewery in 2014, we have met some brilliant characters and brewery crews across the world. It struck us that when two or more breweries get together the atmosphere turns into a collaborative, collective aspiration to work together in pursuit of endless possibilities.


We also noticed that the best events are run by breweries hosting other breweries, and we’ve wanted to create that type of event since we’ve started out. Our second birthday allowed us realise we could do it properly when 260 beer fans turned up at two weeks notice, to drink with us and our favourite breweries. Last year 23 of the best breweries we’ve met on our travels brought beers never poured in Ireland, and joined over 1000 punters in descending on Ballymote to create a magical festival, HAGSTRAVAGANZA. So we’re doing it again.


We are focusing on bringing sixteen breweries from ten countries leading the way in craft beer, pouring three beers each. We will also have a select crew of the best Irish Breweries pouring a unique beer each. Aside from breweries who we’ve done collaborations with, ALL of the breweries are new to HAGSTRAVAGANZA, and ALL of the beers have never been poured here before.


So, lets get you some tickets.

The story for 2018...

So here are some of the improved and new things we’re doing this year!

Beer Measures

We served 250/330 ml for below/above 7% abv beers. We’re moving that to 150 ml.

When we took stock of everything we brought in from across Europe, lots of the kegs actually cost us money to pour! We also had lots of feedback to say most beer fans wanted to taste as many of the 60 beers as possible, but with servings of 330ml, it just wasn’t possible without wasting valuable, gorgeous beer!

Any of the ‘must taste’ kegs just disappeared in 90 servings, so we’re gonna try make them stretch a bit further and into more mouths. There’ll also be a larger water & glass washing station.

Payment Tokens

The token system remains dead simple – €2 per token, 1 token per drink.

The entire festival is token payment, and we want attendees to only bring Debit/Credit Card payment, if possible! We have fixed our credit card payment issue from last year, and will have TWO token points this year, including a Card only payment booth to one side of the bar.

Ticket pricing

While early bird tickets were the same price, the later tickets have been increased by 10%, as we need to invest in a much larger outdoor space; WC facilities, seating, etc. It’ll all make sense when you see it! Your ticket will get you access, a beer list, a glass, drinks tokens and a free train ride back to Sligo!


  • If there’s one thing we heard loud and clear it was that THE TRAIN MUST RETURN!! And so through our friends in Irish Rail, it will return to collect us all on the Saturday night to transport us all to the Sligo Pub Crawl!

  • We’ll have some stewards to help get you safely onto the train and ensure rubbish is picked up, etc – please help them help you!

  • No matter where else you are coming from, Irish Rail have trains running from Dublin and Sligo all weekend that will drop you at the brewery, just check out

Bands and acts

You also loved the bands, so we have a cracking line up of local and national acts to see, and ideally you’ll see a bunch more in Sligo town during the Pub Crawl.

Here’s the other stuff that you need to know for the weekend, and the footage from last years event!

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